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Jean-Paul Menard


Jean-Paul Menard began mediating cases in 2008, after 24 years in a law firm practice. The last twelve years were as a partner in a large national law firm. Since 2008, Mr. Menard has dedicated a significant amount of his time as a private mediator assisting parties in resolving their disputes, believing that mediation is a more cost-effective and efficient manner of resolving conflicts.

Mr. Menard integrates his extensive litigation and negotiation skills in his mediation work. Together with his exceptional interpersonal skills, persistence, patience, and proactive methods, Mr. Menard achieves excellent results. Many attorneys and parties have stated that Mr. Menard’s demeanor and perseverance make him a very effective mediator.

Mr. Menard specializes in mediating business, commercial, real estate, employment, partnership/corporate, unfair competition, trade secret, and copyright and trademark infringement disputes.